What is Liquor Liability Insurance?

How Can EventGuard help my organization secure liquor liability insurance?

If you sell liquor at a major event, you must carry liquor liability. We can help you secure liquor liability insurance at competitive pricing from recognized brands in conjunction with the needs of the event.

What is Liquor Liability Insurance?

Liquor liability insurance protects organizations from damages and losses declared when event venue attendees become intoxicated and cause injury to themselves, other individuals, or cause property damage.

It is often difficult for venue employees to determine when attendees have had too much to drink. Unfortunately, the person or organization serving the alcohol may be held liable if damage to the venue or an injury occurs.

Liquor liability lawsuits usually involve the liquor manufacturers, the distributors and the individual server and event hosts. In most cases, liquor liability claims involve joint liabilities. The costs associated with a liability case can cripple a business.

For this reason, entertainment venues – including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and taverns – must have liquor liability insurance. This coverage helps in mitigating financial risks.

In the United States, most states require that organizations providing alcoholic beverages have liquor liability coverage. Of course, these policies do not cover illegal alcohol sales (such as selling to those who are underage).

Liquor liability insurance is sold either as a stand-alone policy or as a general liability package. General liability insurance coverage will protect and guard the owners of a business from claims that arise from a wide range of reasons, such as property damage, bodily injury and personal injury claims.

Liquor liability insurance also covers claims resulting from altercations or "bar fights". These are among the most common claims. Assault and battery allegations may be filed by patrons of an event, and the event host may be held responsible.

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