Weather Event Insurance

When it comes to hosting or sponsoring a major public event, proper preparation is crucial because so much can be at stake for you and your organization. Large event hosts should always obtain event insurance that provides coverage in the case of an unexpected occurrence such as "heavy" rain. Weather event insurance will prevent any dangerous or unfortunate situations from becoming legal problems for your organization. Furthermore, it guards against revenue losses from harsh weather conditions that diminish attendance and the proceeds from food, concessions and parking. From a liability standpoint, Event Liability insurance can provide protection from unfortunate events that without coverage, would be paid out of pocket.

Most business owners are familiar with insurance that safeguards their bottom line against accidents. However, they are often less acquainted with weather insurance. For many, this type of insurance is an afterthought. If it results in a cancellation of your event, it can be a tremendous financial problem. Weather insurance offers protection against the lost revenue that results from a weather-related cancellation.

Through the program EventGuard by EventGuard, we offer event cancellation insurance. As an experienced leader in the field, we can analyze your organization and offer the insurance package that best suits your needs and risk potentials.

We know that hosting an event without insurance places your organization at a great risk. That is why we work diligently to provide the insurance that allows you to plan and promote your event worry-free.

EventGuard cancellation insurance program can provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that no matter what happens with the weather, the unexpected occurrence will not result in a major loss of revenue. EventGuard ensures that through weather event insurance, revenue lost and expenses incurred as the result of a delay or cancellation are easy to claim. Whether you are hosting a festival, concert, athletic event, or an industry convention, EventGuard will protect your organization against unforeseen circumstances.

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