Tragedy in Florida Cancels Events Nationwide

The spotlight of the Nation has been on Orlando as of recent due to disastrous acts of violence and hate. Our deepest sympathies go out to those impacted directly and indirectly. Unfortunately, it is only in times like these when people stop to think about the looming dangers in the world and if they are prepared for the worst. Americans are realizing just how vulnerable and at risk they are in these trying times, and the importance of Event Cancellation Insurance has never been more evident.

Understandably, multiple events were cancelled in Florida including a speech[1] at the University of Central Florida. Milo Yiannopoulos was recruited to speak about Islam and homosexuality on Tuesday, June 14th just 2 days after the shooting at Pulse Nightclub. However, due to the topic’s tendency to stir opposition, police could not guarantee the safety of spectators and were forced to cancel the event. Sadly, in these times of turmoil, an event designed to promote peace and acceptance of all was cancelled due to the risk of further violence.

Although the shooting occurred in Florida, the effects reverberated throughout the Nation. It doesn’t matter where you are, in this day and age we are closer to each other than ever before thanks to technology. Just days after the shooting in Orlando, Hillary Clinton cancelled a campaign event[2] in Green Bay, Wisconsin where she was scheduled to speak alongside President Barack Obama. It is impossible to predict an occurrence that could have such a profound effect on an event, let alone hinder a presidential campaign. Nevertheless, it is something you need to be ready for.

Two popular television series also opted to cancel events in light of the shooting in Orlando out of respect for the sensitive air our country is collectively breathing. Award-winning show, ‘American Horror Story’ promptly cancelled its HotelFYC Emmy event[3] due to the characteristically violent nature of the show. Similarly, TNT’s ‘The Last Ship’ postponed its season 3 premiere episode[4] because of a shooting scene in a Vietnamese nightclub. Producers of both shows can expect losses as a result of the cancellation/ postponement.

Regrettably, it often takes a tragic event like the shooting in Orlando to force us to accurately self-reflect on our own lives and coverage. It reminds us of how important it is to be adequately covered for all circumstances that may occur. Event Cancellation Insurance (ECI) is a product that can and would have made a big difference for all of the above events that were cancelled. Hays Companies is offering EventGuard, the most comprehensive product for your event cancellation needs. Get your peace of mind back and let Hays Companies help you manage your risk.





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