It’s Your Big Day. . . Make Sure it is Protected!

[1] In certain areas, something as simple as a wedding planner can cost you anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000. The current average income in the United States is $54,000 a year meaning many people are spending over 50% of their annual income on wedding expenses. With weddings costs continuing to rise it is not a bad idea to think about protecting this special event and investment.

Weddings do not only occur domestically, in fact the idea of having a destination wedding is becoming increasingly popular.[2] Due to their often smaller guest lists and exotic locations, destination weddings are building a “stress free” wedding planning reputation. However, with the addition of airline travel and a different climate, the risk can seemingly grow. Flights can get delayed or even cancelled due to weather or mechanical issues, and weather can easily put a damper on even the most thought out wedding plans.

As much as you may believe the bond you have established will last forever, life happens. . . and sometimes those events cause you to make the choice to call off your wedding. Today, about 10-15% of weddings are called off annually. To call off your wedding may in fact be the right decision, what wouldn’t be is to lose all of the time and money you had put in to planning the big day.

Sadly, we are forced to contemplate the negative in any given situation to see the true risk we may face. Event Cancellation Insurance and Event Liability Insurance play a vital role in all events since any event has the potential of being cancelled, delayed, or interrupted. Hays Companies is offering EventGuard, the most comprehensive product for your event needs. Get your peace of mind back, enjoy planning one of the most important days of your life, and let Hays Companies help you manage your risk.



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