Istanbul Bombing Airport Cancels Countless Events

One week ago, in Istanbul, Turkey,[1] three suicide bombers stormed into the Istanbul airport killing and injuring a couple hundred innocent victims. Nations around the world are experiencing feelings of shock and sorrow as attacks on human life are becoming numerous and frequent around the globe. Sadly, it is only after an incident that we take the time and contemplate the surrounding dangers in our everyday life. Whether it be a terroristic attack or a hurricane, there are limitless hazards that are imminent in our lives. As we continue to reflect on the dreadful incident in Turkey, the more vital event cancellation and insurance becomes.

As a byproduct of the bombing,[2] all flights were cancelled for 12 hours after the incident. Also, many flights to and from Istanbul – the third largest airport in the world – were delayed for hours the proceeding days. Eylul Kaya[3], who was interviewed after the incident, stated: “…I never imagined it would happen with so much security in an airport.” Terrorism is completely unpredictable and horrifying, and it is vital that people protect themselves and the events they have planned in advanced to ensure that they do not incur the loss of time, experience, and money.

In addition to flight cancellations, multiple cruise lines[4] including Celebrity and Windstar cancelled ships traveling to the Ataturk Airport for the rest of the year. Additionally, Celebrity decided to cancel vessels scheduled to use Istanbul as temporary base for Mediterranean cruises for the remainder of the year. As a result of these cancellations, vacationers will be unable to visit and experience Istanbul first hand via a cruise ship. This event, centered in Istanbul, effects companies and people around the globe. To have peace of mind and to plan ahead for whatever may lie ahead, event insurance by Hays Companies is here to help.

Unfortunately, it takes a serious and widespread accident for us to consider the dangers that affect our everyday activities. It serves as a reminder to all of us that we must be sufficiently covered from these risks ahead of time to ensure that we are prepared for whatever lies ahead. Here at Hays Companies, we offer EventGuard Insurance, which includes event liability and event cancellation coverage. Hays offers the most widespread service for any of your event needs. Plan ahead and together we can become All. Together. Prepared. For any obstacle that you may be confronted with.