Music Event Insurance

Plenty of resources goes into planning a music event such as a concert or music festival. Equipment needs to be rented and assembled, a staff needs to be acquired, food, drink, and entertainment must be provided, and there is always the threat of extreme weather putting a halt on the event itself. Unforeseen event cancellations or incidents caused by weather can result in a major financial loss for outdoor music event organizer. If you are a music event organizer, an event insurance policy will protect you from accidents and unforeseen circumstances.

There are two primary types of coverage available for your event, each with the purpose of protecting your investment and ensuring your financial stability.

Hosting a major music event without having the proper insurance coverage is an incredible liability. An event insurance policy will give you a peace of mind and protect you from extreme repercussions if your music event is cancelled due to an incident or extreme weather. Without an event insurance policy, you may be responsible for paying thousands or even millions of dollars.

Overlooking such a critical aspect of hosting an event can be a critical error. Many organizations have made this mistake. If you are hosting an upcoming outdoor music event, consider obtaining a reliable event insurance policy. EventGuard is an event cancellation insurance & event liability insurance program designed to safeguard your bottom line. Contact us to learn more.

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